Have a look at the Tlak Social Editor Button Joomla plugin

The Tlak Social Editor Button plugin for Joomla provides an easy interface to insert the plugins provided by the Tlak Social plugin.

The plugin adds a button bellow your editor where you can easily configure the type of plugin you like to insert, when done you will be able to insert the syntax easy as a couple of clicks.

The plug-in can be installed in 2 different ways

  1. Download the editor button then insert the syntax using the editor button's interface, simple and elegant.
  2. Download the package, only if you don't already have Tlak Social plugin as it will install both plugins for you.


The Tlak Social plugin must be installed for the syntax to work.


To download the Joomla 1.6+Tlak Social plugin click here

To download the Joomla 1.6+ Tlak Social Editor Button plugin click here

To download the Joomla 1.6+ package including both the social plugin and editor button click here


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